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American Hearth (Empire): R3436 / R10283


White Mountain Hearth (Empire): R3436 / R10283

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Premium VF Fireplace AH (VFP(32,36)BP)

Premium Traditional Clean Face AH (DVCP 32,36,42)BP

VF Fireplace AH (AVFP24FP(2,3,7))

Premium DV 42/48 AH DVP(42,48)FP(3,5,7,9)

Premium DV 36 AH DVP36FP(3,5,7,9)

Premium Contemporary Clean Face AH (DVCC 32,36, 42)BP

Loft Series Vent-Free/Vented Burner (VFRL)

Loft VF Burner AH VFRL1810, VF(R,I)L(18,24,30)

Loft VF Multi-Sided Burner AH VF(I,R)U24

Outdoor Traditional Fireplace AH (OP(36,42)FP)

Madison Premium Fireplace (DVP42FP & DVP48FP)

Madison Premium Fireplace (DVP36FP)

Madison Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (DVCP_BP) Installation Manual

Madison Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace (DVCC_BP) Installation Manual

Madison Multi-Sided DV Fireplace DVP36(PP,SP)

Madison Luxury Fireplace (DVX36FP & DVX42FP)

Madison Luxury Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (ADVCX_30 & 70 Series)

Madison Deluxe (DVD32FP, DVD36FP, DVD42FP, & DVD48FP)

Madison Clean Face Premium See-Through (DVCP36SP)

Luxury DV Gallery DVX(36,42)DP(51N, 91)

Luxury DV AH (DVX(36,42)FP(3,5,7,9)

Luxury Clean Face AH ADVCX (36,42)FP

Loft VF Insert AH VFL(20,28)(32,92)IN

Loft Vent-Free Insert (VFL_IN)

Loft Series Vent-Free Insert (VFLC10,20,28IN)

Loft DV Inserts AH DVL(25,33)IN

Loft DV Fireplace AH (DVL25FP, DVL33FP)

Loft Direct-Vent Insert (DVL_FP)

Loft Direct-Vent Fireplace (DVL_FP)

Lincoln Premium (VFP_BP)

Lincoln Premium Multi-Sided Fireplace (VFP36PP, VFP36SP)

Lincoln Multi-Sided VF Fireplaces (VFP36(SP,PP)32E(N,P))

Lincoln 26 VFD26F

Lincoln 26 Fireplace (VFD26FP)

Lincoln 24 Fireplace (AVFP24FP)

Franklin Vent-Free Fireplace Insert (VFPC20,28)

Franklin Vent-Free Fireplace Insert (VFP20,28IN)

Franklin Direct-Vent Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace Insert (DVC(20,26,28)IN)

Fireplace VF Insert AH VFP20IN, VFP28IN

Fireplace DV Insert AH DV(25,33,35)IN

Empire Cast Iron Stove Direct-Vent

Deluxe DV Clean Face AH DVCD(32,36,42)FP(30,50N)

Deluxe DV AH DVD(32,36,42,48)

Concord Log Set with Contour Burner Installation Instructions (VFD(M,R,T)(18,24,30)LBW

Concord Log Set & Burner (VFDR18LBW10; VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LBW)

Cast Iron Stove DV AH (DVP(20,30)CC(30,70))

Trenton Log Set & Burner (VFDR1810; VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LB)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner (VFSUR, VFSUE)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner AH VFSUR(18,24,30),VFSUE(18,24,30)










Vail VF Fireplace VFP24FP(2,3,7)

Vail Premium Multi-Sided Fireplace (VFP36PP, VFP36SP)

Vail 26 - VFD26F(M,P,P30L10)

Vail 26 Fireplace (VFD26FP)

Vail 24 Fireplace (VFP24FP)

Tahoe Premium Fireplace (DVP42FP & DVP48FP)

Tahoe Premium Fireplace (DVP36FP)

Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace Installation Instructions (DVCC_BP)

Tahoe Multi-Sided DV Fireplace DVP36(PP,SP)32E(N,P)

Tahoe Luxury Fireplace (DVX36FP & DVX42FP)

Tahoe Luxury Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (DVCX_FP30,70)

Tahoe Deluxe (DVD32FP, DVD36FP, DVD42FP, DVD48FP)

Tahoe Deluxe Clean-Face Fireplace Installation Manual (DVCD_FP)

Tahoe Clean-Face Premium Peninsula (DVCP36PP)

Slope Glaze Vista VF Burner WMH VFSUR(18,24,30),VFSUE(18,24,30)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner (VFSUR, VFSUE)

Premium Traditional WMH DVP(42,48)FP(3,5,9)

Premium Traditional WMH DVP36FP(3,5,7,9)

Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH (DVCP 32,36,42)BP

Premium Contemporary Clean Face WMH (DVCC 32,36)BP

Outdoor Traditional Fireplace WMH (OP(36,42)FP)

Luxury DV Studio DVX(36,42)DP(31,51,71,91)

Luxury Clean Face WMH DVCX(36,42)FP

Loft Vent-Free Insert (VFL_IN)

Loft DV Insert WMH DVL(25,33)IN

Loft DV Fireplace WMH (DVL25FP, DVL33FP)

Loft Direct-Vent Insert (DVL_FP)

Loft Direct-Vent Fireplace (DVL_FP)

Innsbrook Vent-Free Insert (VFP20,28IN)

Innsbrook Direct-Vent Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace Inserts

Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber Log Set with Contour Burner (VFDM/R/T_LB)

Fireplace VF Insert WMH (VFP20IN, VFP28IN)

Fireplace DV Insert WMH DV(25,33,35)IN(33L,73L)

Empire Cast Iron Stove Direct-Vent (DVP_CC)


Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD(32,36,42,48)FP

Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD(32,36,42)FP(30,50N)

Cast Iron Stove DV WMH (DVP(20,30)CC(30,70))

Vail VF Premium 32

Whiskey River Log Set/Contour Burner (VFDR18LBW10 & VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LBW)

Whiskey River Refractory Log Set with Contour Burner (VFDM/R/T_LBW)

Loft VF Multi-Sided Burner WMH VF(I,R)U24

Loft VF Burner WMH VFRL/VFIL (18,24,30)

Loft Vent-Free Multi-Sided Burner (VFRU, VFIU)

Loft Series Vent-Free/Vented Burners (VFRL)