Orifice SIT Pilot NG #62


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Screw in pilot orifice for SIT pilot assembly

Can be used for converting pilot assembly to Natural Gas

For Propane:


Hampton: 910-100

Regency (FPI): 910-100

SIT Group: 977.166

Waterford: 910-100

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Bellavista B36XTCE

Bellavista B36XTCE-10

Bellavista B36XTCE-11

Bellavista B36XTE

Bellavista B36XTE-10

Bellavista B36XTE-11

Bellavista B41XTCE

Bellavista B41XTCE-10

Bellavista B41XTCE-11

Bellavista B41XTE-1

Bellavista B41XTE-10

Bellavista B41XTE-11


CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40LE

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40LE-1

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40LE-11

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40LEPV

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40RE

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40RE-1

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40RE-11

CitySeries Chicago Corner CC40REPV

CitySeries New York View CV40E

CitySeries New York View CV40E-1

CitySeries New York View CV40E-11

CitySeries New York View CV40EPV

CitySeries New York View CV72E

CitySeries New York View CV72E-11

City Series San Francisco Bay 72

CitySeries San Francisco Bay CB40E-1

CitySeries San Francisco Bay CB40E-11

CitySeries San Francisco Bay CB40EPV

CitySeries San Francisco CB40E

Contura RC500E-11

Energy E18E

Energy E18E-11







Horizon HRI3E-11

Horizon HRI4E

Horizon HRI4E-11

Horizon HRI6E

Horizon HRI6E-11

Horizon HZ30E

Horizon HZ30E-1

Horizon HZ30E-10

Horizon HZ30E-11

Horizon HZ33CE

Horizon HZ33CE-10

Horizon HZ33CE-11

Horizon HZ40E

Horizon HZ40E-1

Horizon HZ40E-10

Horizon HZ40E-11

Horizon HZ40E-2

Horizon HZ42E

Horizon HZ42STE

Horizon HZ42STE-1

Horizon HZ42STE-10

Horizon HZ42STE-11

Horizon HZ42STEPV

Horizon HZ54E

Horizon HZ54E-1

Horizon HZ54E-10

Horizon HZ54E-11

Horizon HZ965E

Horizon HZ965E-10

Horizon HZI540E-2

Horizon HZO42

Horizon HZO60

Liberty L390E-2 / L390EB-2

Liberty L965E

Liberty L965E-10

Liberty LRI3E-1

Liberty LRI3E-11

Liberty LRI4E

Liberty LRI4E-11

Liberty LRI6E

Liberty LRI6E-11

Panorama P33CE

Panorama P33CE-10

Panorama P33CE-11

Panorama P33E-11

Panorama P33E-4

Panorama P36E-10

Panorama P36E-11

Panorama P36E-4

Plateau PTO50

Sunrise L676S

Ultimate U1500E

Ultimate U1500E-11

Ultimate U900E

Ultimate U900E-11