Maxitrol GV60 Receiver B6R-RAP


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Maxitrol GV60 Receiver Valor 10 2 Way B6R-RAP-ZV2

Valor 10 Control System

To ensure the correct receiver is ordered, confirm that the model number on the back of your receiver is B6R-RAP, or if the receiver is not available, you can check the remote. This receiver must be paired with remote #B6R-HAT If your numbers are different than these numbers check the other Maxitrol receivers on our website for a match.

Batteries not included

Wiring harness not included

Valor: 4005597

Click Manufacturer for Model Numbers

H5 Series 1100MN 1100MP

L1 Linear 1500KN/KP

L1 See-Thru 1600KN / 1600KP

L2 1700KN / 1700KP

L3 Linear 1800KN / 1800KP

LX1 Pier 2100PKN/PKP

LX2 2200KN/KP 2200LKN/P 2200RKN/P

H6 1400MN, 1400MP

LT1 2500KN, 2500KP

GV60WIFI Upgrade Instructions