EuroSIT Thermocouple (No Leads)


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Thermocouple used for EuroSIT 630 valves and pilot assemblies

This thermocouple is un-interrupted (no leads)

18'' long

Continental: W680-0003

Hampton: 910-263

Mendota: 05-07-00063

Napoleon: W680-0003

Regency (FPI): 910-263

SIT Group: 0.200.221

Travis Industries (Avalon - Fireplace Xtrordinair - Lopi): 05-07-00063

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NG-1N Newport Gas Insert 1994

SG-3 Newport Stove 1993 August

SG-3 Newport Stove 1993 June

SG-3 Newport Stove 1994

NG-1N Newport Gas Insert 1993

GS3500 and GSD3500 Gas Burning Stove with Euro S.I.T. Valve

Bellavista B36XTCE