Authorized Dealer Program (OLD)

The time is right to partner with Fire-Parts

Join our Authorized Dealer program to begin selling industry-leading parts and supplies and maximizing your profitability while building a vibrant business in this growing market.

Differentiated Products

A high-quality, high-performance, limited distribution product line that enables you to stand out from the competition.

Dealer Pricing

We offer our authorized dealers competitive pricing.

Easy Returns

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. Need to return something? Just send it back within 30 days of receiving your package, and we'll refund your money.

Ready to Get Started?

Register for the Fire-Parts Partner-Reseller program by completing the dealer registration form, then submit the form to Fire-Parts.

Once your registration form is received, it will be considered for participation in the Fire-Parts Reseller program. If approved, we will advise you within 5 business days.

Orders made before we APPROVE your application will not receive a discount.

Dealer Registration Form

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